Review Period

On July 1, 2019, Datax has started using fixed review periods for responses.

Responses that are not reviewed within their review period will be rewarded regardless of quality.

What is a batch of responses?

Responses will be grouped according to their submission time: all responses submitted within a two-week period will be considered a batch.

Each period starts on Monday at 12:00 am UTC, with the first period counting from the Monday on or immediately prior to the publishing of the task.

For example, if a task is published on Wednesday, July 10, the first batch of responses will be the responses submitted until 12:00 am (UTC), Monday, July 22. The second batch of responses will be counted in the two week period immediately following, and so on:

What happens during the review period?

The review period for each batch lasts a week after the response period ends.

For example, for a task published on July 10, the review period for the first batch of responses will last from 12:00 am (UTC), Monday, July 22, until 12:00 am (UTC) Monday, July 29. Responses accepted within the review period will be rewarded.

Rejected responses will not be rewarded and will create a slot for a new submission, just like before.

However, at the end of each review period, all unreviewed responses will be rewarded immediately, regardless of the requester’s later acceptance / rejection. What this means for requesters is that, you should visit Task Manager and review responses at least every other week in order to avoid rewarding poor responses.

Can I review responses after the review period is over?

Yes. However, rejecting a response after the review period is over will not create a slot for another submission and the reward given to the rejected response will not be refunded.

A tip for designing your task

If having multiple responses to the same job is important in the review process, we recommended that you set “Jobs with most responses first” as the “Job distribution order” under the “Distribution” tab.