Task Cover


Here are some tips for writing a good title for your task:


  • Be concise
    • Try to use fewer than 80 characters to describe your task
  • Be descriptive
    • "Read smart home voice commands" instead of "Text to speech task"


  • Don't include the reward amount
    • Contributors might use other display currencies


Your cover description will attract contributors to complete your task. The more attractive it is, the more responses you’ll be able to choose from.

In it, make sure you specify the work that contributors are being invited to do. We highly recommend sharing how their contribution will be used. Do you need the data for an academic study? For the development of an exciting new product? Whatever you’re using Datax Workforce for, it’s an important objective. Understanding this will make contributors just as passionate about your task as you are.

Be sincere about the good that completing your task will bring, and don’t be afraid to express a little gratitude to the contributor. A meaningful cover description will bring the responses rolling in.